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Sound knowledge of system- and traffic engineering

are essential requirements for both a qualified design and realisation of road traffic systems as well as efficient and economical operation after comissioning.

With decades of professional background of the employees of AlbrechtConsult in conjunction with an intentionally composed interdisciplinary expertise AlbrechtConsult has developed an outline, specialised to the needs of establishment and operation of road traffic systems, consisting of three blocks:

  • System- and IT consulting for systems related to private and public transport
  • Organisation and process consulting for authorities and operators of these systems
  • Services in traffic planning and engineering for traffic controlling and traffic management systems, traffic light controlling in particular

In this context AlbrechtConsult acts

rather than playing the supervisor but with knowing of the expertise and experience available in public authorities as:

  • neutral and independent consulting engineers with an eye for the feasable, being on the clients side,
  • specialist for customer oriented solutions being realised in high quality for reasonable costs, where AlbrechtConsult offers its services at competitive rates,  and
  • moderator and expert supporting the client.