AlbrechtConsult …

… is an independent consulting office that has qualified itself as a specialist for all aspects of intelligent traffic systems and services and has made a name for itself on a national and European level. Against the background of decades of consulting activity and experience with conventional road traffic technology systems, the focus today is on the cooperative ITS world (C-ITS) and all aspects of networked & automated driving.

AlbrechtConsult sees its strengths above all in the technology transfer of scientific concepts and procedures to implementation and operation according to the motto “from the laboratory to the road” and in the creation of completely new systems and services by integrating “old” and “new” transport infrastructure.

AlbrechtConsult is also a specialist:

  • in the field of the development and application of standards for intelligent transport systems and services (OCIT, OTS, DATEX II) as well as standards for cooperative intelligent transport systems,
  • in the field of intelligent transport systems and services architecture (ITS framework architecture, ITS reference architectures and ITS system architectures), and
  • for the project management of national and international projects of intelligent traffic systems and services and of projects for automated and networked driving.

At the national level, AlbrechtConsult’s customers include primarily cities and federal states as road construction authorities and operators of intelligent traffic systems and services, but also higher authorities such as state and federal ministries as well as the Federal Highway Research Institute.

At the European level, AlbrechtConsult supports German and Austrian road operators in international trunk road corridor projects both as project managers and consultants (e.g. within the framework of European CEF projects).

In addition, AlbrechtConsult is proactively involved in the development of European ITS concepts and standards for intelligent transport systems and services in cities and conurbations both as a member of expert groups of the European Commission and in research and innovation projects (e.g. in the HORIZON 2020 programme). AlbrechtConsult is also a member of various CEN standardisation and expert groups.