Final report on the analysis for more safety in motorway maintenance available

Automated, networked vehicles and machines can significantly improve the safety of employees in operational service on federal motorways. AlbrechtConsult, together with KoDeCs GmbH and the Steinbeis Transferzentrum Infrastrukturmanagement im Verkehrswesen (IMV), has been commissioned by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) to research the requirements for autonomous systems and identify the most promising use cases that can improve safety, but also increase efficiency.

The result should enable the industry to continue the development of automated, networked machines and vehicles for road operation services on federal motorways so that they will be commercially available to road authorities according to their requirements. Autoren sind Christian Lüpges und Daniel Kleer von AlbrechtConsult, Frank Zielke (KoDeCs GmbH) und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Holldorb (Steinbeis Transferzentrum).

The project was completed in June 2022, now the publicly available final report has been published. It also contains exemplary specifications of the use cases that are feasible in terms of implementation effort/time as well as functional and cyber security.

The report is available for free download HERE. (Englisch and German)