Within the framework of the EU project C-ROADS, the participating member states have created a cross-project platform (C-ROADS Platform). Since the C-ROADS Platform is a joint project of the participating countries, they commit themselves to participate in their working groups and task forces and to support the development of common documents and standards through appropriate resources.

Against this background, AlbrechtConsult was commissioned by ASFINAG and AustriaTech to provide technical advice within the framework of the C-ROADS Austria project. AlbrechtConsult’s consulting services include the following points:

  • Preparation of technical documentation and C-ITS profiles for road operators
  • Moderation of processes in the creation of C-ITS relevant specifications with public and private partners in an international environment
  • Preparation of public tender documents and documents for the roadside C-ITS equipment
  • Acceptance of system specifications and corresponding C-ITS installations through test and validation activities
  • Accompaniment and support in the strategic further development of C-ITS in a multichannel traffic environment (C-ITS Day 1 and Day 2 services)