AlbrechtConsult and Trafficon are planning the future traffic management system for the state of Baden-Württemberg

The Ministry of Transport of Baden-Württemberg has commissioned the consortium of AlbrechtConsult and Trafficon to develop the specification for the future traffic management system of the state of Baden-Württemberg and to accompany the tendering process.

The project aims to implement a system that will enable the Ministry of Transport to play an active role in cross-authority traffic management throughout the state. The system’s openness, flexibility and scalability are the key factors here, as there are plans to gradually connect regions to the system, which is why it is necessary to expand the system in terms of the specialized use cases and its technical capacity.

C-ITS technology applications will be considered in addition to traditional traffic management strategies to ensure that the system is future-proof. The control centre will play an overarching role in implementing solutions that are as standardised as possible across the country. In this way, stand-alone solutions will be avoided in the long term.

The project began in April 2024 and is expected to run until the end of 2026.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/H. Sellmoene)