AlbrechtConsult supports the Autobahn GmbH in the realisation of a customer-oriented network management on strategic motorway corridors under the coordination of the Verkehrszentrale Deutschland (VZD).

Essential components of the project are:

  • Coordination of the traffic centres in the regions involved in corridor management to achieve a consistent control strategy in network management,
  • Integration of the project into the package of measures for the management of strategic corridors on federal motorways (further measures include road works management, cooperative control centre),
  • Creation of a network management application taking advantage of the changed organisational and technological framework conditions with the functions (among others):
    • Traffic situation in Germany,
    • Action support for operating,
    • Strategic coordination and information.

Part of the project is the testing of the project contents as well as an initial assessment of the key performance indicators (KPI) to be set up before the network management is established in the traffic management of all 10 regions.

Concrete tasks of AlbrechtConsult in the project are:

  • WP1: Definition and prioritisation of corridors,
  • WP2: Strategy planning and implementation,
  • WP3: Specification of the target architecture and the requirements for the network management application,
  • WP4: Construction supervision and quality assurance.