AlbrechtConsult is conducting a study on ITS in the context of KritisV on behalf of the BSI

The digitalisation of transport leads to an increasing number of services (e.g. navigation, parking guidance systems, real-time warnings of potential danger spots) being offered to road users in the transport sector. All of these services are based on data exchanged between the various subsystems / external systems and are processed by information systems, making the services potentially vulnerable to attack. AlbrechtConsult is conducting a study on this.

The fact that services are provided by multiple actors with their own systems leads to a situation where it is not easy to determine which of the systems involved is considered an intelligent transport system.

The study requested by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is intended to eliminate the vagueness in the ITS definition and provide a differentiated definition for the affected facilities. The project also aims to examine the handling of interlinked systems and processes in relation to the provision of the critical service “passenger and freight transport” and to create the knowledge base for practical handling. AlbrechtConsult succeeded in the tender process and has now been awarded the contract for the project, which is to be completed in the first half of 2023.