IEEE invited to an IEEE Spectrum Webinar on 09.05.2019. As AlbrechtConsult deals with cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) as a first step towards a future networked, cooperative and automated mobility with a clear focus on the infrastructure aspect, Dr. Josef Kaltwasser has been asked to report on Europe’s Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) roll-out and its challenges.


Infrastructure-to-vehicle communication has successfully been developed and tested/piloted in Europe. With the availability of spectrum between 5.875 and 5.905 GHz for transport safety ITS applications, the challenge now is to start regular operational roll-out. On the vehicle side, the introduction needs to be commercially viable. For the infrastructure – mainly operated publicly in Europe – this requires a stable regulatory framework and a broad political consensus. It is well understood that V2I/I2V application means a close cooperation between the private (vehicles and personal devices) and the public sector in many different areas, which has to be established not on a regional or national basis, but on a European level.

The presentation highlights the various initiatives and platforms to address these issues, with the first C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transportation) enabled infrastructure in regular operation expected to appear on Europe’s roads before the end of this year.

The presentation can be downloded here