UVAR Box is an EU-funded project that provides tools to help road users find out digitally about access regulations to cities and regions in Europe before and during their journey. Access regulations to cities include low emission zones, parking regulations, congestion charging regulations, traffic restricted zones and pedestrian zones. The project started in September 2020 and will run for two years. The main outcomes are the following:

  • Data structure for data on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs)
  • Machine-readable formats of UVAR data to enable their integration into navigation systems or mobile applications.
  • A user-friendly software tool, documentation and training to help authorities bring their UVARs into this format.

These results will support the harmonisation of UVAR information from local authorities and assist road users in their travel planning across the EU. The UVAR Box will help local authorities and Member States to set up their publication procedures digitally and to comply with European travel information regulations (Single Digital Gateway – SDG) as well as any regulations that might result from the revision of the ITS Directive. AlbrechtConsult is working on this European Commission contract as a member of an international consortium. Further information can be found on the UVAR Box Homepage