CEN has carried out a final review of a draft standard for the digital coding of traffic restrictions ordered by road traffic authorities, which is to become another member of the DATEX II family of standards (planned: CEN/TS 16157-11) in the course of 2021.

This standard aims to digitally display traffic restrictions in a machine-interpretable way. This should help improve current ITS services (e.g. navigation), and represent a first step towards the digital deployment of traffic restrictions to support vehicles with a higher degree of automation.

Traffic restrictions have been part of the DATEX data models since the 1990s, but always in the context of other functions and not comprehensively modelled. On behalf of BASt, AlbrechtConsult participated in the CEF Programme Support Action “DATEX II” and advanced the creation of such a dedicated data model, so that the availability of a European standard can be expected in the course of 2021.